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What is Channelthis.tv?
It is a Web Media Portal open to the general public that allows businesses or individuals to upload a video relating to their business or interest.

In what way is this different than other Portals e.g. You Tube, Vimeo, Yahoo, etc?
The difference is a major one. Because with Channelthis.tv the business or individual actually makes money with their video.

Channelthis.tv has proprietary marketing/technology that allows the viewer to click on products or services, shown on the video, and go directly to a vendor/sponsors shopping cart page to purchase (see videos currently on Channelthis.tv) Or to any other form of conversion the vendor/sponsor desires.

What does the ‘Producer’ (business or individual) have to do?
Producers are responsible for integrating brands (product placement) in a video or film to off set production costs. The same applies here. The Producer brings in a sponsor (or sponsors) to their video production who pays to have their product/service highlighted.

Why would a Sponsor want to do that?
Income. It creates an avenue for an immediate customer response, whether that be a purchase, a recommendation, a follow, a reservation. Viewers can for the first time, see something and have the opportunity to buy it "on the spot". Plus the buzz and exposure they would get from the opportunity to be part of iNet Entertainment’s point-click-buy (iCan Get It) marketing/technology and being a part of Channelthis.tv promotion and marketing.

What are the other benefits?
iNet Entertainment’s team of experts have top skills and unique methods of using Social Networking to bring the viewer to your video.

iNet is the only marketing/technology company that uses videos with iCGI on Facebook. The video show can be uploaded to the Producers and/or Sponsors Facebook page to capture all of those followers.

How is Channelthis.tv and each of the shows promoted?
In addition to utilizing the viral aspects of Facebook (see above) iNet will format a video email that can be sent to the Producer’s and/or Sponsor’s opted in email data base.

Is there more Promotion?
Yes - iNet will use any and all other types of Social Networking to bring in views – not just wait for viewers to find the video. Each video show will be promoted in a similar fashion. Thereby bringing a cross promotion of viewers to Channelthis.tv. ALL shows benefit!

How does the Producer actually monetize their video?
Visit the "Submit Video" Page on this Portal for an explanation of monetization and production.

Do I submit my own video?

What if I need assistance producing a video?
iNet can offer advice and actual production assistance, anywhere in the country, at a very low cost.

info@inetentertainment.com - 415-461-6407